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Fight-Make Out

thecolorblue and I wrote a nerdcore rap. The best part is when I told my friends about it I was all "Dudes, I wrote this awesome rap making fun of CS dudes!" and they all just stared at me and I was like "But not you guys! Other CS dudes. Bad CS dudes. You guys are cool."

you're all syn but there's no ack
you know what? baby don't got back
you brag about your uptime when you should be going down
you're still working in the lab while i'm out on the town
you sit in the basement and code all day
but my shit's compiling and i'm getting some play

you all act like you got bitches on your jock
but you know that's just a load of crock
cuz you grad school boys, you're all talk
you never got root on any girl's box

the only pings you get come from your localhost
the only packets you get come in the post
you got asperger's man, you can't talk to chicks
you try to love em up but you get floppy dicks
and while you're doing that i'm chowning the females
and they're like "zomg! i PINE for your e-mails"


i'm like fat32 i work with all the OSes
i'm cross platform in the pants and the dresses
you go for the soft mount but i like it hard
you only got one slot in your interface card
your "nosex?" boolean's permanently set to true
cuz my girlfriend gets more pussy than you

And then there's this other part that goes "Your lines have been found more harmful than goto/the shortest path to orgasm doesn't go through you" but we haven't written the rest of that verse yet.


I heart you.
Are you going to record this? I'd love to hear it done.
That's our plan. We're going to be nerdcore superstars!
Awesome! I'll totally be one of your groupies. :)
You totally need to podcast this.
This is brilliant.
Hello. I am a unix sysadmin, owner of a schwank allen and heath mixer, and a friend of crowyhead's. I stand in complete awe and humbly offer any and all services that might help propel you to supadupastardom. Usually i can't stand nerdcore (for lots of good reasons) but this is on some kind of peaches thing. (who i don't like musically but think lyrics/delivery are deadly) Anywho. Best of luck, and uh, if ya got any filesystems that need a lil fsck'in...
Heh, I was totally just going to do one of those "pinkhairedcyn, meet steph99. Now, go be friends," posts. :)
OMG. You've gotta Youtube this. Or record it in Philly, with me present. Your choice. OMG.
your lj friends are nerdlier than mine, i guess.
Baby, there was never actually a contest about whose lj friends are nerdlier. Mine always win. Always.
iDunno. my friends are pretty damn nerdy. so nerdy, in fact, that they don't have time to respond to my lj posts. shitdamn!
Doesn't that imply that they might actually have lives? NOT NERDY.
p.s. i'd like to reference o'reilly at some point, cuz damn those animals are cute.
Somebody already said this, but that is totally brilliant. You rock.
echo 'hahahahahaha!'

Echo haha like...

Vincent Price in "Thriller"..?


Re: Echo haha like...

Echo as in the unix command line. Maybe I should have written it like this:

$ echo 'hahahaha!'

Ah well, so much for that joke.

Re: Echo haha like...

I got it! It was funny.

Re: Echo haha like...


You should see my most recent post. You especially would get a kick out of it. :)

Re: Echo haha like...

Well.. I'm not supergeek, but Mark thought it was funny :)

I lurve it! Although I only minored in CS in college and therefore didn't get most of your jokes (I did, however, love the rhyme scheme and the puns I did get), my computer programmer husband thought it was hilarious. *golf clap*
Fight-Make Out

February 2010

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